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Review: The UK Monsters of Rock Show

Recently, My Mum asked if I would attend The UK Monsters of Rock show with her. I didn't really know much about it but I saw they perform songs from the likes of Bon Jovi so I agreed. Who doesn't love a bit of Bon Jovi?! This weekend, we rocked up at the Aberdeen Arts… Continue reading Review: The UK Monsters of Rock Show

Activity ideas

20 free or cheap things to do in the October holidays

Summer doesn't feel that long ago but here we are approaching the next school holidays! It may not be as warm now that we are in to Autumn but there is still plenty of fun things you can do in the October holidays.  With Christmas also fast approaching, you may be concerned about spending money… Continue reading 20 free or cheap things to do in the October holidays


August Favourites

August was one of those months that just flew by... I can't believe we are in to September already! Summer is fading away and I must say I have already started to think about... dare I say it... Christmas! But before all that, as always, I want to share with you some favourites from this… Continue reading August Favourites

Activity ideas

Fun activities list – scavenger hunt style

Do you ever want to do something a little different with your day? Today, my son and I planned to go to two local food markets however we also wanted to add something different to our day. We created a 12-item 'scavenger hunt' style activity list. We love creating activities like this (some more are… Continue reading Fun activities list – scavenger hunt style

Activity ideas

Summer Family Fun Activity Ideas

The school summer holidays are coming up… Do you need some inspiration for family fun activities? In this post I will share an activity my son and I enjoy doing including 6 ideas and tips so you can try yourself. I love creating fun activities for us to do (the event planner in me never… Continue reading Summer Family Fun Activity Ideas