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Favourite Activities: July 2018

July was another fun and busy month and most days continued on with this heatwave we have been having in the UK. As it’s the school holidays I have worked slightly different hours most weeks so I have had some more time with my son. I wanted to share my favourite activities and events of… Continue reading Favourite Activities: July 2018


10 ways to have a happy summer

Summer has so much potential to be the happiest season – sunshine, holidays, BBQ’s and much more! You can surround yourself with all the best friends, family, food and fun!  Here are my top 10 suggestions to ensure you have the happiest summer you can: • Don’t compare yourself to others For example, someone else… Continue reading 10 ways to have a happy summer

Activity ideas

Summer Family Fun Activity Ideas

The school summer holidays are coming up… Do you need some inspiration for family fun activities? In this post I will share an activity my son and I enjoy doing including 6 ideas and tips so you can try yourself. I love creating fun activities for us to do (the event planner in me never… Continue reading Summer Family Fun Activity Ideas