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Favourite Activities: July 2018

July was another fun and busy month and most days continued on with this heatwave we have been having in the UK. As it’s the school holidays I have worked slightly different hours most weeks so I have had some more time with my son. I wanted to share my favourite activities and events of… Continue reading Favourite Activities: July 2018

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Review: Enjoy Music Festival 2018

On Saturday 2nd June, I went to the Enjoy Music Festival in Aberdeen with my 9 year old son. So… did we enjoy the festival? (Do you see what I did there? Haha) Firstly, it is great that there are events like this locally in Aberdeen nowadays and one which is suitable for families as… Continue reading Review: Enjoy Music Festival 2018

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Grampian Pride 2018

Aberdeen was a great place to be this weekend! Not just because it was really sunny (for a change! I think I actually got a little sunburn!) but also because on Saturday 26th May, Aberdeen saw its first Grampian Pride event take place and what a day it was! I took part in the Pride… Continue reading Grampian Pride 2018