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Autumn Tag

This is a little Autumn themed post - tags like this are fun for getting to know the person behind the blog a little more by answering some fun questions. Thank you to Kirsty from Kirstythroughthelookingglass for nominating me to take part in this Autumn tag. The rules for taking part: List the rules for others… Continue reading Autumn Tag

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5 perfect night in ideas

A cosy night in with friends can be just as much fun as a wild night out, especially as the colder nights draw in. Sometimes, you would rather just chill out at home with friends where you can actually talk to one another properly! Have you ever tried to catch up with someone in a… Continue reading 5 perfect night in ideas

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Flawesome blogger

Thanks so much to Jenni from weirdmomstuff and Micheal from mnealwriting for both nominating me for the Flawesome blogger award. This award was created by Sophia Ismaa with the idea of recognising our flaws that make us all human and reminding ourselves of the positive sides to those flaws. Let's celebrate how our flaws make us awesome!… Continue reading Flawesome blogger


Experience more, buy less

Whether it be events I attend, events I organise, places I go, or family fun moments with my son I really am all about happy experiences. In this post I am discussing the happiness gained from experiences rather than material things and ways in which you can adopt this way of thinking in to your… Continue reading Experience more, buy less

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August Favourites

August was one of those months that just flew by... I can't believe we are in to September already! Summer is fading away and I must say I have already started to think about... dare I say it... Christmas! But before all that, as always, I want to share with you some favourites from this… Continue reading August Favourites

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Travel Diary: London

This August my 9 year old son and I went to London for 4 days for a fun filled little holiday. Here is an overview of our travel diary for the trip. Day one: After flying down from Aberdeen, we caught the Heathrow express train to the centre of London (£22 – a little on… Continue reading Travel Diary: London

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Blogging: What I’ve learned in my first 3 months

The SociABLE Events blog has been live for everyone to read for 3 months as of tomorrow! In some ways it feels like just yesterday but at the same time it feels like I've had the blog for ages!! I am really enjoying having my little blog and have already learned so much about blogging… Continue reading Blogging: What I’ve learned in my first 3 months