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Roald Dahl Day Dinner

Did you know that the 13th of September is Roald Dahl Day? The 13th of September would also have been his birthday. Unfortunately, he passed away in 1990 however his books live on from generation to generation. Is there anyone who hasn't enjoyed one of his stories (after all there are over 30 published) from… Continue reading Roald Dahl Day Dinner

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Fun activities list – scavenger hunt style

Do you ever want to do something a little different with your day? Today, my son and I planned to go to two local food markets however we also wanted to add something different to our day. We created a 12-item 'scavenger hunt' style activity list. We love creating activities like this (some more are… Continue reading Fun activities list – scavenger hunt style

Activity ideas

Summer Family Fun Activity Ideas

The school summer holidays are coming up… Do you need some inspiration for family fun activities? In this post I will share an activity my son and I enjoy doing including 6 ideas and tips so you can try yourself. I love creating fun activities for us to do (the event planner in me never… Continue reading Summer Family Fun Activity Ideas

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Party Planning: Rockstar theme (children’s)

Let’s talk children’s birthday parties…  As a Mum myself I know your child’s birthday party can be hard work! I wanted to share one of the themed parties I created for my son.. For my sons 8th birthday (2017) he asked for a ‘Rockstar’ themed party and that’s exactly what we did. * Please note that… Continue reading Party Planning: Rockstar theme (children’s)