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15 ways to celebrate your birthday as an adult

When you're a child your birthday tends to be a big occasion filled with presents, balloons, cake and party games, organised by your family. As an adult though sometimes the day can go by fairly unnoticed. Perhaps it's because getting older seems to get less exciting after 21! I personally love my birthday time! I… Continue reading 15 ways to celebrate your birthday as an adult

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5 perfect night in ideas

A cosy night in with friends can be just as much fun as a wild night out, especially as the colder nights draw in. Sometimes, you would rather just chill out at home with friends where you can actually talk to one another properly! Have you ever tried to catch up with someone in a… Continue reading 5 perfect night in ideas

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Event planning A-Z checklist

Event planning can be stressful… There are so many things to consider within the event planning process that sometimes it can be difficult to remember everything… so I have put together a quick A-Z checklist of points you should consider when planning your next event or party. A. Accessibility   Consider if you’re event is… Continue reading Event planning A-Z checklist

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Party Planning: Rockstar theme (children’s)

Let’s talk children’s birthday parties…  As a Mum myself I know your child’s birthday party can be hard work! I wanted to share one of the themed parties I created for my son.. For my sons 8th birthday (2017) he asked for a ‘Rockstar’ themed party and that’s exactly what we did. * Please note that… Continue reading Party Planning: Rockstar theme (children’s)

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My first event (2012)

For the Event professionals or those who have planned an event or party at some point... What was the first event you organised? I would say the first proper event I organised by myself was a Ladies Day, fundraising for Grampian Women’s Aid, back in 2012. This was while I was studying Event Management and… Continue reading My first event (2012)