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Blogmas: The Spiritualist Aberdeen Christmas Meal

We are getting so close to Christmas now and the celebrations have begun!

Yesterday, I went for my first proper Christmas meal of the year with friends, to The Spiritualist bar in Aberdeen for a 3 course meal and cocktails.

Menu: 3 courses for £25.00 with gluten free and vegan options available


I opted for the Gin Cured Smoked Salmon with rocket and orange salad which sounds delicious doesn’t it?!

It was presented on a lovely slate board and was really nice. Salmon is a great starter choice and the salad with orange segments really complimented this nicely.

The Spiritualist Aberdeen Christmas starter

Main Course

No surprises that I chose the traditional roast turkey crown because what else would you choose for a Christmas dinner! I love a traditional festive meal.

It came with honey roasted carrots, panchetta sprouts, roast potatoes, gravy, a stuffing ball and a pig in blanket. We asked for extra gravy and cranberry sauce which the staff were happy to bring out to us too.

The Spiritualist Aberdeen Christmas turkey dinner

The main course was really nice… Although I would say the roast potatoes were a little too crispy for my preference. I really liked the honey roast carrots though.


At this point, I was feeling a little full I must admit. So I was pretty glad I had opted for the trio of sorbets which is much lighter than your typical Christmas puddings.

The Spiritualist Aberdeen Christmas sorbets

The flavours were – Champagne, Raspberry and Passion fruit. The raspberry one was particularly nice, I could have a whole bowl of that one!

The Drinks

I had tried a couple of the cocktails at The Spiritualist last month for my birthday so I already knew which one I wanted for this evening.

Tom Foolery – Raspberry, vanilla and blueberry infused gin mixed with cranberry juice, blueberry syrup and citrus. It is one of the best cocktails I’ve had in a long time so I stuck with this one for the night. 

The Spiritualist Aberdeen Tom Foolery cocktail

Within the group there was also one of the ice sphere drinks which was interesting to watch my friend try to break open for an extra bit of her cocktail!

One of the girls had a mocktail… “Holding hands on the beach” an alcohol free version of sex on the beach. We thought the name was pretty clever!

All in all it was a great festive night out and it is a lovely bar that I look forward to going to again.

Friends out for Christmas dinner in Aberdeen

Christmas meal at the Spiritualist Aberdeen  

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