Blogmas: Avoiding the pressure of perfection

So, I missed a Blogmas post yesterday! Sometimes life just gets in the way of your plans doesn’t it? I had planned to do 12 festive posts, one every 2nd day in December… this is still the plan just with a slight change in schedule!

At first I was annoyed at myself for not sticking to my schedule and then I decided that it is okay to not always manage everything you plan.

To not be perfect.

I have read a few things recently about people putting so much pressure on themselves to create the perfect Christmas. Also with more and more traditions such as elf on the shelf there is this pressure throughout the lead up to the big day too.

Elf on the shelf trio

I personally enjoy all the Christmas countdown fun however I do sometimes stress myself out trying to ensure Nathan has a great festive time. It is a lot to manage from the financial aspect of Christmas to finding the perfect gifts, making time for all the activities and everything else this time of year involves.

And this year, I also have my blog to upkeep along with doing our elf on the shelf, working and trying to keep the magic alive for an ever growing child!

Christmas selfie Nathan and I

Therefore, I wanted to write this little post to remind you all that perfection does not exist. Christmas can be done however you want to do it… whatever works for your family.

You do not need to spend more money than you actually have to make it a good Christmas.

You don’t need to make Pinterest-perfect gingerbread houses and do all the festive activities if you don’t want to. Especially if it ends up being more stressful than fun just because the photos look great for that “look how perfect my Christmas is” Insta post. It really isn’t worth it.

You can have a happy festive season filled with memories and fun without the high price tag or running yourself in to the ground.

And if you miss a Blogmas post… Your blog will still be there when you come back.

I am going to keep reminding myself of all of this and just do what I can without the stress.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas sign

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