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Blogmas: 10 Favourite Christmas Films *

Welcome back to our 12 posts of Blogmas… Today we are talking festive TV and films.

I love creating activities and events for those happy family moments, however, sometimes a simple evening enjoying a good film or TV show together is all you need! What better way to spend a cold December night (or Sunday afternoon) than snuggled up on the sofa with a hot chocolate in front of a 4k led TV Panasonic watching your favourite Christmas films.

There are so many to choose from, so I wanted to share my favourite Christmas films to watch during the festive season.

Top 10 Christmas films to watch at home on the TV

Top 10 Christmas films (in no particular order)


A feel good film following the adventures of Buddy the Elf in New York bringing his charming and unique elf antics to the real world. This has fast become a firm favourite for both adults and children and regularly features on TV in the Christmas countdown.

“The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear.”

Jack Frost 

How can you not love a film where a child’s snowman is brought to life with the spirit of his Dad who recently passed away. Although a little bit of an odd concept it is a lovely story, and one not to be missed this festive season.

Jingle all the way

I love this one! It came out in 1996 so I have watched this as both a child and an adult… and introduced my son to it now. I will admit I have always had a strange fondness for Arnold Schwarzenegger so this may be why this has always been a firm favourite!

“It’s Turbo time!!”

The Grinch

I love the Jim Carrey classic and the latest one that has recently come out in cinemas was really good too… I can’t wait to add it to our DVD collection. The Grinch might be grumpy, green and Christmas-loathing but he’s lovable really!

Top 10 Christmas films to watch at home

Arthur Christmas

A cute family animated film where Arthur needs to deliver a present to a child who’s gift got left behind! This has already been on TV this year and we couldn’t resist watching it!

“Operation Santa Claus is coming to town!”

The Holiday

This features two women needing a break from their lives over Christmas time after negative romantic experiences. Swapping lives leads to rediscovering their Christmas spirit and finding new romance! A fantastic cast and a bit of a chick flick.

Top 10 Christmas films to watch at home

Home Alone

A classic! Who doesn’t love this film?!

Sure the idea of leaving your child home alone fighting burglars doesn’t sound like a very festive storyline but it totally works! Kevin’s creative way of handling the situation is both interesting and amusing! It’s not Christmas without Home Alone on the TV.

“Keep the change, ya filthy animal”

The Muppets Christmas Carol

A classic story with a Muppets twist. Let’s face it, we all have a soft spot for Kermit the frog don’t we?

Die Hard

Now, this one seems to divide people on whether it is a Christmas film or not… It takes place at a Christmas party so, yes it counts! This is one of my favourite films in general not just for Christmas time… I mean John McClane is amazing, he’s one guy you need around in an emergency for sure!


Four Christmases

Dysfunctional families brought together at Christmas along with romance and Reese Witherspoon makes this one to add to your must-watch list this December.

Top 10 Christmas films to watch at home - Nathan ready to watch home alone

I will certainly be watching these films on my TV this festive season, during all those cosy nights in.

What are your favourite Christmas films?

Top 10 Christmas films to watch at home

This post was kindly sponsored by Spot Digital and Panasonic. All thoughts and photos are my own.



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