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Blogmas: Festive would you rather?

We are back for our 12 posts of Blogmas number 3! 

When we were putting up our Christmas decorations we found a little question game that we bought last year. It was a festive themed ‘Would you rather?’ which we had fun playing so thought we would make some of the answers in to a Blogmas post!

Nathan in a festive scene with Christmas tree

Would you rather…?

One enormous present or lots of little presents?

Nathan: definitely lots of little presents 

Louise: little presents for me too

Eat Christmas dinner every day for a year or listen to Christmas songs every day?

N: Christmas dinner!

L: The Christmas food for sure!

Dress up as a Penguin in a Santa suit or a polar bear in a tutu (fancy dress party)?

N: penguin in a Santa suit

L: polar bear simply because of the tutu!

Santa had no elves or no reindeers?

N: reindeers, we need the elves

L: Reindeers

Wear a Santa hat or paper crown from a cracker every day?

N: Santa hat

L: Santa hat

Receive a present you don’t like or give a present that the person doesnt like?

N: give a present they didn’t like, haha!

L: I’d rather have a present myself that I didn’t like because I’d hate to see someone not liking something I picked out for them!

Have 2 Christmas’s a year or two birthday’s a year?

N: birthdays!

L: birthdays too because there is less to buy!

Shop online or in shops for Christmas gifts?

N: online because you can stay at home

L: online I think

Be the Grinch’s servant or Rudolph’s poop scooper for a week?

N: The Grinch one because no poop!

L: I agree with that, Grinch Servant as it might be interesting too! 

This or that?

Tinsel or baubles?


L: baubles 

Christmas dinner or advent calendar?

N: advent calendar because it lasts longer

L: Christmas dinner because its delicious!

Yule log or pigs in blankets?

N: Yule log

L: hmm this is a hard one but I’m going to say Yule log too.

Have an alive Snowman that never melts or a pet reindeer? 

N: an alive snowman

L: snowman too (it’s probably easier to look after)

Wear Christmas jumpers or smart party clothes on xmas day?

N: xmas jumper

L: Xmas jumper as its cosy!

Elf or Arthur Christmas movie?

N: Arthur Christmas

L: I think I prefer Elf

Jingle bell Rock or All I want for Christmas?

N: Jingle bell rock

L: *sings* All I want for Christmas is you!

Christmas elves and merry Christmas sign

Who doesn’t love a little festive game! Let me know some of your answers to the above questions in the comments.

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