Blogmas: An introduction and 12 things to look forward to in December

Happy 1st of December! 

That came round quick, didn’t it?!

So, this is my first 12 days of Blogmas post.

For anyone who may not know what Blogmas is – it’s when bloggers create new content every day in the lead up to Christmas usually with a festive theme. As this is my first December as a blogger and it’s always a busy month as it is, I have decided to do a mini version.

My 12 days of Blogmas will be every 2nd day with the last post on the 23rd so I can then spend quality time with the family!

3 Christmas elves on the shelfs

For Nathan and I, December is pretty much all about the Christmas countdown and the family fun that comes along with it. We plan to share some of our festive activity ideas with you along the way in our Blogmas posts and on social media.

I’m also really looking forward to reading other blogger’s Christmas content as I love this time of year!

To get started we are sharing 12 things we are looking forward to this December:

1. Chocolates from the advent calendar every morning!

Nathan eating all of his advent calendar

2. Our elf adventures & activities each day – we take our own spin on elf on the shelf 

3. Christmas parties from Nathan’s school disco to my work’s party and x-mas dinner & drinks with friends.

4. Making the house look a little nicer with the Christmas tree, tinsel and sparkles!

5.  A visit to Santa’s grotto – with Nathan turning 10 in a few months I’m not sure how much longer he will want to do this so I’m making the most of these moments this year!

6. Cosy nights in with blankets, movies, wax melts and hot chocolate

7. Spending quality time with family

Me, Nathan, and my Mum at Christmas time

8. Supporting charities and acts of kindness – This time of year is ideal for helping those less fortunate and spreading happiness. It’s something which we are pretty passionate about.

9. Seeing Wreck it Ralph 2 (Ralph breaks the Internet) in the cinema – we loved the first one!

10. Time off school and work together – after the 21st of December for two full weeks.

11. The food! Pigs in blankets, Yule log, roast potatoes and everything else! Yum!

12. Creating more happy family memories to treasure! I also can’t wait to see Nathan’s happy little face on Christmas Day when Santa has been 😃

Nathan when younger excited about a Santa decoration

What are you most looking forward to this month during the Christmas Countdown?

13 thoughts on “Blogmas: An introduction and 12 things to look forward to in December”

  1. I always look forward to a very important few things every Christmas.

    • Spending time with the family. We usually take a few hours around the last week of December to drive around the “rich neighborhoods”, that way we can see some really fancy decorations.

    • A hardy Christmas dinner. It’s the second time of the year we can really enjoy something “fancier” for dinner, and pig out on it too without consequence hah!

    • Having a cozy night in with the gal of my dreams, Chelsea. Even at range we have to celebrate it together, welcome the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 all in one.

    I really loved your post Louise, it’s heart warming and a great way to start this holiday season off.

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  2. All of these sound like great ways to spend the month!
    I work in retail, so I’m working xmas eve AND Boxing Day (and the rest!), but around that I’m looking forward to crafting, chilling under a blanket with the man, watching christmas movies and reading and generally a lot of what you mentioned!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is a great idea, not heard of blogmas before. I’ve got bloggers block so I’d never manage it this year! We look forward to wreath making and our advent calendar (quilted by me) and trying to slow down in the run up to Christmas. And trying not to get tired!!

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