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Review: Owlet Press Children’s Books

What better way to spend a cold November evening than snuggled up with your little ones reading books!

So, when we were kindly sent two books from Owlet Press last week, we were pretty happy!

Our 2 Owlet Press books

“The Christmas Next Door” 

by T.A Creaser & Samuel Langley-Swain

A heart warming story of a family Christmas that begins with Grandad coming to visit. The story explores the family’s final countdown to Christmas where not everything goes to plan. Grandad helps them overcome their challenges, along with a message from Granny (who is no longer with us).

The book touches on important messages such as loss, autism and what Christmas should really be about.

The Christmas next door book from owlet Press back cover

I must admit, when we read the book for the first time the part with Granny brought a tear or two to my eye. It however does bring up loss in a sensitive way… I’m just someone who cries easily (and I had also been watching children in need that day so I was emotional already!)

The book also highlights some aspects of Autism through one of the main characters. I love the inclusiveness of The Christmas Next Door from autism to showing a character in a wheelchair.

The Christmas next door book from owlet Press

These are simple details in the book however as this rarely features in mainstream children’s stories, I think it’s fabulous!

Nathan reading The Christmas next door book

“Don’t look in this book” 

by Samuel Langley-Swain

This was an intriguing book straight away with a title advising you not to look!

We were brave and decided to have a read on!

Don’t look in this book takes you on a journey through various rhyming stories. From secret agents to a robot rock band and of course the giant prawn with laser beam eyes.

Owlet Press Don't look in this book

There is snippets of each story followed by a message at the end of the book recommending that the reader chooses how each story ends. It encourages children to be inspired to draw, write and talk about their thoughts on what happens next.

Owlet Press Don't look in this book and Nathan's drawing

We really love this idea! Nathan is very creative and probably enjoys drawing and creating his own stories more than reading anyway! He drew scenes from the secret agents story and told me his thoughts on the monsters and rocking robots too.

Nathan with don't look in this book

In the book: Robot rock band performing to aliens in space

Nathan’s next scene idea: The robot is playing his guitar so so so loud that his special batteries start shaking. They pop out of his head and he explodes! The aliens run away in fear!

I think Nathan will have a lot of fun with inspiration from this book.

Owlet Press Don't look in this book

Thank you Owlet Press for two wonderful books filled with fun, inspiring and meaningful moments. Their books would be a great gift for young children.

Nathan’s ratings: The Christmas next door = 7/10

Don’t look in this book = 9/10

Owlet Press logo

* We were kindly gifted these books, however all views are our honest opinion * 

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