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30 before 30: The complete list

So, yesterday I turned 29! After sharing my reverse bucket list and with only one year to 30, I am now looking at what I would like to achieve before then.

I only have a year and I know my limits so it won’t be a big extravagent list… Sure I would love to be earning £millions, own my own beautiful home, travel the world, have another child… This is just not going to happen in the next year!! Before I turn 40 though, perhaps!

For now, it’s all about making the last year of my twenties a good one!

Birthday cocktails for my 29th birthday

30 things I would like to do before I turn 30:

1. Go on a family holiday – ideally take Nathan abroad somewhere warm and fun!

2. Get another tattoo

3. Take a short course to learn something new

4. Read at least 2 new books

5. Improve my skincare routine (I say improve but I don’t really have one at the moment and I really should do)

6. Finally pass my driving test (they do say 3rd time lucky!!)

7. Start earning a little extra money (side hustle)

8. Improve my hair & make up skills (I’m rubbish at this sort of thing, I can only do the standard basics so would love to get some tips on this)

9. Celebrate my son Nathan’s 10th birthday in a cool way!

10. Have a clear out (of both my house and anything that doesn’t bring happiness to my life in general)

11. Develop my blog and see it grow more successful

12. Actually make an effort in my dating life – Go on a date with someone new and possibly attend a dating event

13. Give a blood donation

14. Lose a little weight and get healthier

15. Organise a fundraising event for charity (one outside of my work)

16. Make an effort to get along with new people

17. Complete at least 30 acts of kindness 

18. Have one full week with no TV or social media

19. Watch a sunset and a sunrise somewhere cool

20. Make 5 goals for my thirties

21. Make more time for friends and family

22. Complete 5 challenges set by others (more information on this soon!)

23. Share 30 other bloggers I enjoy reading (in a blog post)

24. Try new things (food, places to go, hobbies…)

25. Go on a spontaneous weekend away somewhere

26. Manage my money a little better

27. See a live band and/or comedian that I like

28. Make more fun happy family memories with Nathan

29. Hand write a meaningful letter to someone

30. Organise and enjoy a fun 30th birthday celebration/party!

Me celebrating my 29th birthday ahead of my 30 before 30

Gosh, what a year it is hopefully going to be! I plan to do further posts which update and elaborate on this list along with other ‘almost 30’ themed content.

Join me in my 30 before 30 adventure – read the posts, get involved in some way or share your experiences of the last year of your twenties.

11 thoughts on “30 before 30: The complete list”

  1. This is a GREAT list, and it will certainly make for a wonderful year – even if you only manage to do some of them. Fingers crossed you manage to tick off all or most of them. Good luck!

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  2. When I used to live in the US (my home country), I gave blood as regularly as I could, but wasn’t sure how it worked in the UK so didn’t bother unfortunately. I’m moving back to the US soon and hope to get into it again. It’s always a little scary but it’s really an amazing thing to do! I hope to double my tattoos by 30 – I have four at the moment, got my fifth after I made my 30 Before 30 😉 Godspeed!

    Rachel || anotherstationanothermile.com

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