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15 ways to celebrate your birthday as an adult

When you’re a child your birthday tends to be a big occasion filled with presents, balloons, cake and party games, organised by your family. As an adult though sometimes the day can go by fairly unnoticed. Perhaps it’s because getting older seems to get less exciting after 21!

My 21st birthday with balloon posing

I personally love my birthday time! I don’t always have a big celebration… I like to take the day off work if I can though and do something I enjoy. I’m not too bothered about a big party these days but I want a happy birthday moment for sure!

Birthday month - how to celebrate your birthday as an adult

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the standard day to day activities and stresses… So what better time than your birthday to take a step away from those!

If you are stuck for ideas on how to celebrate your birthday, here are 15 of my suggestions that you can do on the day or in the lead up:

1. Visit a salon or spa – manicure, massage, haircut, sauna. There are so many opportunities to treat yourself to a little pampering.

2. Go to your favourite restaurant with your favourite people, for food you know you love.

Celebrate your birthday out for a meal with your family

3. Or, try going somewhere you’ve never been to before. Whether that’s a different restaurant or a fancy new cocktail bar!

4. Write a letter to yourself in a years time including which goals you would like to achieve by then. Read this on your next birthday.

5. A simple day off work at home and relax! Do whatever you find most relaxing whether that’s having a bath, snuggling up on the sofa with movies or reading a book. No housework!!

6. Visit a loved one that you don’t see very often.

7. Throw a big party – get all dressed up, have cocktails and dance the night away with friends & family! Get a little drunk, worry about the hangover later!

21st and 25th birthday celebrations

8. Get creative and make a keepsake to remember this years birthday! This could be painting a canvas, making a scrapbook of the last year, writing a blog or why not get your friends/family over for a crafting party.

9. Visit your home town (if you don’t currently live there), reminisce about your childhood and see how things there have changed.

10. Order a personalised chocolate brownie or cake, because any excuse for this is a good one!

Birthday chocolate cake

11. Go on a fun trip away or day out the weekend before or after your birthday – this can be a solo trip, with friends or with your kids…

12. Simply, do what makes you happy! Do you love yoga, horse riding, Xbox or football? Do that – take time to enjoy your favourite activities.

13. Go to an event – see a live band or comedian or go to an arts festival.

14. Get a new tattoo!

15. Open your first present in bed, snuggled up with your partner and/or kids. Cherish that moment together to start your day.

15 ways to celebrate your birthdayWhatever you end up doing, have a lovely day and be thankful for another year!

What is your favourite way to spend your birthday as an adult?

12 thoughts on “15 ways to celebrate your birthday as an adult”

  1. I love the idea of a spa for my birthday! All of these suggestions are lovely, it makes me so excited for my birthday!! I’m not sure yet if I’m an “adult”, I’m 21, but all of my birthdays are visiting places like the Zoo, day trip etc.

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  2. Some lovely ideas. Since turning 40 (last year), I take myself to either a day-trips or a weekend in Paris (depending on day of the week). I think this is going to be my main present in the future. I must admit, I do love the idea of a SPA Day!

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  3. Some great ideas, having had quite a few birthdays I’ve tried a few 😁 on my last birthday I did an escape room with a group of friends. It was great fun so I’d definitely add that one to the list!

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