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Review: Fairy Bakes Brownies

If you know me, you will know that I love chocolate, brownies, and cake!

And I wonder why I’m a few dress sizes larger than I would like?! 

So, when I received a message from Fairy Bakes on Instagram asking if I would like to review their loaded chocolate brownies… It was a firm yes please from me!

I was kindly offered 50% off the price of the brownie but now that I have tasted them I would happily pay full price as they are certainly worth it!

Fairy Bakes loaded chocolate brownie close up

Fairy Bakes are a new home based brownie making company in Aberdeen, specialising in chocolate brownies loaded with a variety of treats which you can personalise to your preferences.

I chose a theme of chocolate orange (one of my favourite flavours) and allowed them to choose which other toppings to add. I have a nut allergy so communicated this during the ordering process which they were happy to accommodate. The ordering and collecting process was made simple by great customer service.

I was amazed at the size of the brownie when I collected it, and so excited to try it!

Fairy Bakes loaded chocolate brownie

The brownies come in one piece (covered in melted chocolate and all of your toppings) so you can slice in to any size you want!

My brownie was loaded with the following toppings:

Chocolate orange segments, smarties, dairy milk, oreo and crunchie pieces!

My son and I both had a slice the very day we collected because why wait?!

So how did they taste?

Oh my goodness… The brownie was amazing!!

Definitely one of the best I have tasted… from the crunch of the toppings and chocolate on the top to the soft moist and delicious brownie underneath.

Fairy Bakes balances it all out perfectly!

Fairy Bakes loaded chocolate brownie plated slices

We ate the brownie over a few days as the perfect start to our time off work and school (October holidays). It was a shame when it was all finished! I will definitely be buying from Fairy Bakes again though… Perhaps for my birthday cake in a few weeks.

If you are in Aberdeen, you can order by sending Fairy Bakes a message on their Facebook or Instagram

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