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Review: Geeky Melts – scented soy wax melts

Soy wax melts with high quality vegan fragrance oils and biodegradable glitter…

Sounds intriguing doesn’t it?

I was very kindly sent a complimentary sample box of Geeky Melts wax melts to try out, which I very much enjoyed trying.

Geeky Melts owner, Laura, is fitting her homemade wax melts business around being a Mum which I think is fantastic and I love to support small businesses like this.

The sample box arrived through my letterbox a few days ago and I couldn’t wait to open it and take a look. I have been following Geeky Melts on Instagram for a while now and love seeing all the amazing shapes of wax melts she creates. I was looking forward to seeing which designs and scents I had.

Geeky Melts soy wax melts sample box

Upon opening the box I was greeted with colourful tissue paper and three cute little packages individually wrapped. There was also a little personalised note and information on the wax melts.

Unwrapping the little packages was quite exciting, a little like Christmas. You can view a little unboxing video on YouTube.

All of Geeky Melts packaging is compostable and plastic free which is amazing.

My first sample was the Melon and cucumber brittle – little pieces of blue and white wax with biodegradable glitter. It smelled lovely!

Geeky melts sample wax melts - cucumber and melon brittle

Next up, there were two sugar skull shaped melts, which have to be my favourites! I had my eye on these designs (on Instagram) before I received the sample as I love sugar skulls. I even have a tattoo of one!

The skull shapes were scented with Black Rose and Oudh and Rock Salt and Driftwood. I love the rose scent of the pink skull wax and the intricate details on the design were amazing!

Geeky melts sample wax melts - Rose scented skull wax

I will admit I have never actually tried using wax melts before… I have been loving scented candles recently but never really knew what to do with the melts.

So, I had my oil/wax burner and unscented tealights ready to try my first ever wax melt experience… Thanks to Geeky Melts… it was a positive experience!

I decided to use some of the brittle first…  The skulls were just too perfect to want to melt straight away… adding little pieces to the top of the burner, which we had on the table next to our Halloween pumpkins.

The wax melted quite quickly and the refreshing scent filled the room. Unlike some scented candles the smell actually travelled well around the room… so I could smell the melon and cucumber from the other side of the living room, while getting cosy on the sofa. Perfect for a night in!

This scent is perfect if you want something lovely, light and refreshing without being too overpowering. Watching the mix of colours and glitter melting away looks fabulous!

Geeky melts wax melts - sugar skulls

I have also tried out the Rock Salt and Driftwood skull melt. The skull melting was quite mesmerising… My son and I enjoyed watching the skull slowly disappear piece by piece. Check out our unboxing and sample video for a quick view of this.

I have very much enjoyed trying out Geeky Melts so far and look forward to continuing using them. I am converted to loving wax melts as well as candles and I’m sure you would be too if you had skull shaped & rose scented wax melts!

Geeky Melts has some unique designs including: skull and bones, hearts, Star Wars themed, cactus and Lego! I definitely reccomend.

Geeky melts sample wax melts

* I was kindly gifted these melts in exchange for a review, however all views are my honest opinion. 

3 thoughts on “Review: Geeky Melts – scented soy wax melts”

  1. I’m so glad you introduced me to these! I’m normally a fan of candles but I love that these have their own unique design. I absolutely love the candy skull ones, and I checked out the instagram and I love Laura’s designs so much!! Really want to just smell all of them!!

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