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5 perfect night in ideas

A cosy night in with friends can be just as much fun as a wild night out, especially as the colder nights draw in.

Sometimes, you would rather just chill out at home with friends where you can actually talk to one another properly! Have you ever tried to catch up with someone in a noisy bar (or worse nightclub)…? It’s not that practical! As you get older and see one another a little less as lives get busy, when you do spend time together you want to actually chat.

So I have put together a list of 5 ideas of fun nights iyou can organise for your friends or family:

1. Dinner party

Dinner party set up

Event concepts which involve food are always popular… And there are a few different options for this one, all involving fantastic food with friends!

  • Potluck party – get everyone to bring something with them! You can leave this open for people to bring whatever they would like or you can assign one person to bring a starter, one to bring salad, main course, dessert etc… Then all sit down together and share what everyone has brought along.
  • Cooking together – get everyone round to do a little cooking for example a make your own pizza night
  • Themed dinners – show off your culinary skills and invite friends over to sample your themed food. For example, you can have a Mexican party with fajitas and burritos!

Last year, I went vegetarian for a month for Cancer Research so on my birthday I had friends over for a vegetarian meal. I made vegetarian stew and cous cous with chocolate brownies and one of my friends made mac and cheese, another made white chocolate fudge and the rest brought drinks or crisps etc.

2. Pamper evening

Night in - pamper night with face masks, nail polish and more

Turn your house in to a little spa or salon for the evening – think face masks, make up, manicures etc. This is a great one for girls nights or to treat someone special.

I did this last year for my Mums birthday as I invited her over for a fun and pampering sleepover with my son and I. I laid out dressing gowns with a face mask, foot mask & face cloth for us all. We had Prosecco & ladies gossip magazines for the adults and comics and juice for the little one. We used coloured hair chalk and nail polish too.

3. Doughnuts and drinks

Doughnut wall and lollies from Final Touch Events

This is going back to the food idea but with hired or bought fun (and delicious) event props!
This can include a cocktail making station, chocolate fountain or doughnut wall!

Recently, I had a little night in at my house with a few friends where I had a doughnut wall and alcoholic lollies from a local events styling company. They were amazing!

Final Touch Events is a local event styling and prop hire company in Aberdeen supplying items such as doughnut walls, Prosecco walls, lollies, selfie stations and much more. I’m sure if you do a little research there will be similar companies closer to home if you don’t live in Aberdeen like I do. These items really add a special something to your event, party or night in! After all who doesn’t love doughnuts, lollies and Prosecco!?

Doughnut wall event prop

This particular night in had adults and kids and everyone loved the doughnut wall! These items are fantastic for special occasions and to wow your guests!

4. Games night

Games night in with PS3 games, wifi games and more

From playstation & Xbox to board games or even VR – a games night can be a lot of fun for both children and adults!

One of my friends hosts a games night every now and again with all of the above forms of games which are really fun.

There are so many options for games, I personally like the classics such as Charades, Pictionary or Cluedo! Talking of Cluedo… You could also host your own murder mystery evening for a games night with a twist!

5. Cosy Movies night

Cosy movie night in with DVDs, candles, popcorn and more

This is such a simple one to plan. Essentials include; snacks such as Popcorn, cosy blankets and movies of course! Pick a movie genre then sit back and enjoy!

This one can even be a sleepover with pjs and time to fit in a few movies.

5 perfect night in ideas

What is your favourite type of night in with friends?

20 thoughts on “5 perfect night in ideas”

  1. So this was what the doughnut wall was about! This was such a nice read, lovely. My favourite type of night in is a games night, I have a Nintendo Switch and my friends love it! We usually bake something as well and then stuff our faces while we play 😀 xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The doughnut wall sounds amazing. I enjoy game night if you can get enough people together and find the right game for the group (board or video game or both). Though dinner parties or pamper nights are great fun.


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