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20 free or cheap things to do in the October holidays

Summer doesn’t feel that long ago but here we are approaching the next school holidays! It may not be as warm now that we are in to Autumn but there is still plenty of fun things you can do in the October holidays. 

With Christmas also fast approaching, you may be concerned about spending money on activities this month but I assure you there are plenty of free or cheap activities you can do to keep the whole family entertained.

Things to do in the October holidays

Here is my list of 20 free or cheap things to do this October: 

1. Visit your local free museum or art gallery

2. Get all wrapped up and go for an Autumn walk & jump in some crunchy leaves 

3. Arts & crafts from painting an Autumn scenery picture to creating some Halloween crafts (check Pinterest for lots of fun ideas)

4. Glow stick dance party at home – turn the lights off, turn the music up and dance with your glow sticks 

5. Cosy movie marathon – snuggle under blankets with snacks and movies

Things to do in the school holidays - movie day in (image: DVDs, day in sign and more on a blanket)

6. Make a homemade Halloween costume! Go on you can do it!

7. Carve or decorate pumpkins 

8. Play games – board games, computer games or whatever suits your family

9. Baking and cooking

10. Treasure hunt – this can be created quickly and completed at home or outside 

(Treasure/scavenger hunt idea)

Skulls themed image - Decorate your own sugar skull activity for October school holidays

11. Draw and design your own sugar skulls 

12. Make goals for the final quarter of the year – what do you want to achieve before the year ends?

13. Let the kids act out scenes from their favourite book or movie

14. Make a scrapbook – include photos, drawings, tickets from recent attractions etc

15. Take a trip to the library and borrow some new books to read

Things to do in the October holidays - reading (pile of books)

16. Have a picnic (on the living room floor on those colder days!)

17. Have a big tidy and clear out in time for Christmas – it’s the perfect time to declutter

18. Go to the Cinema – most cinemas have cheaper tickets for their early morning kids showings (e.g Cineworld’s Movie for juniors) 

19. Fly a kite on those windy days! 

20. Start a happy gratitude journal –  get each member of the family to write down 1 thing at the end of each day which they are grateful for or that made them happy 

20 free or cheap things to do in October holidays

As you can see there is plenty to keep you busy this October holidays if you are lucky enough to have time off with the kids! I have booked a week and a half of annual leave and can’t wait to try out some of the above activites with my son.

Have fun! šŸ’•

You can also read our summer activity ideas.

Share some of your favourite October activities with us in the comments too.

20 free or cheap things to do in October holidays

10 thoughts on “20 free or cheap things to do in the October holidays”

  1. I love these ideas. Scrap booking sounds like a really good idea and a picnic in the park would be amazing. All these falling leaves around and enjoying the autumn weather. I think I will definitely be giving this a go. Thanks for the awesome post.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is a great list! I’ve been thinking of a Halloween hunt similar to an Easter egg hunt. I love a picnic in the living room on a blanket with some comfy cushions. šŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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