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Thanks so much to Jenni from weirdmomstuff and Micheal from mnealwriting for both nominating me for the Flawesome blogger award.

This award was created by Sophia Ismaa with the idea of recognising our flaws that make us all human and reminding ourselves of the positive sides to those flaws.

Let’s celebrate how our flaws make us awesome!


Flawsome blogger award photo

The rules of this are:

  • Link back to the creator & to the person who nominated you (see above)
  • Display the award image
  • List 3 of your personal flaws and turn them in to a strength
  • Tag 10 other people to take part

So here we go…

1. I still don’t feel like I’ve mastered this being an adult thing yet!!

I may be a 28 year old Mum and I have a job, pay my way and live alone (with my son), however I still don’t think I’ve quite mastered being a ‘proper’ adult… And perhaps I never really will! I don’t like doing housework and will avoid this for a long time! I’m not very good at fixing things if they break (I can change a lightbulb though haha!)

I don’t have a mortgage or even a credit card (I don’t like to spend what I don’t have!) and the idea of me getting married seems extremely unlikely any time soon!

However, the positive of this is my son and I have some amazingly fun times as I get stuck in being the silly Mum and not the proper ‘grown up’ on the sidelines. I can be an adult and be responsible etc when I need to (as I am bringing up my son myself I must be doing some ‘adulting’) but can still enjoy being (kind of) young too.

Flawsome blogger award - silly faces photo with my son

2. I overthink things too much 

I am certainly someone who overthinks a lot… from spending more time considering things than actually going and doing them… to overthinking what might happen or what someone meant when they said or did something.

This can cause a lot of stress and upset to myself sometimes.

However, thinking about things thoroughly, including the what if’s is actually a pretty helpful trait for my career in event planning… ensuring the event is the best it can be and risk free! It goes hand in hand with problem solving and thinking of new ways of doing things which are good traits really!

Sociable events - be creative, be kind, be you notebook

3. I can be too shy and quiet sometimes 

I have always tended to lean closer to the introverted, shy, quiet side and to be honest it is probably the one thing that irritates me most about myself (sometimes!)

It has got in the way of me doing things in the past and still to this day is something I can struggle with in certain situations and with new people. Sometimes I have things in my head I want to say but then I get shy and I simply don’t say it. I find it quite frustrating, especially if I am then overlooked.

I am becoming more confident and chatty as it’s something I’ve kind of needed to be for my job organising and hosting events etc. An introverted events planner isn’t always easy I will tell you this now so I’m proud of myself for improving on this.

Being the quiet one allows me to take note of what others are saying more… I observe and hear a lot. It also stops me over sharing I guess… Unless I’ve had a few drinks of course and my shyness goes out the window!

I come out of my shell more once I know people well.

Therefore, I think being a quiet person allows the people you have developed friendships with to trust in that friendship more because if I’m chatty with you I must like and feel comfortable with you.

Louise scrabble sign
So there we have it, a little insight in to some of my awesome flaws!

I nominate the following bloggers:

Monsterfulmama * Theatricalmess * AllaboutJess * Thisisemsworld * Rainybayblog * Ruthinrevolt * BrookePearson * Kirstythroughthelookingglass * LaurenAnnbeauty * ThatKaylagirl


7 thoughts on “Flawesome blogger”

  1. We have a lot in common 😂 All of these are also qualities I have – although, you’re a step further with me in terms of being a grown up, seen as though you have a cool son to show for yourself. Love that picture of you two, by the way!! 🙂 I think it’s wonderful you’ve got a job which helps to develop your confidence. As a fellow introvert, I know it must be really hard sometimes, so you should be really proud of yourself.

    Liked by 1 person

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