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Favourite Activities: July 2018

July was another fun and busy month and most days continued on with this heatwave we have been having in the UK. As it’s the school holidays I have worked slightly different hours most weeks so I have had some more time with my son.

I wanted to share my favourite activities and events of the month with you all. 

You can also read June’s favourite activities.

July favourites

Events attended 

My Mum and I attended the Ladyboys of Bangkok: Wonder Women show which was fun… that is an interesting event. Have you ever been to one? If not, you should attend one at least once just to see how entertaining it can be… They tour all over the UK. You can read more on this event in my review post.

I took my son to see the Moscow state circus also touring the UK, currently in Aberdeen. We have been to the circus most summers… This year, we had 50% off vouchers so I think we were around £17 for the two of us which isn’t bad. I love watching all of the acrobatics – I’ve always wished I could do gymnastics and acrobatics but my body was totally not built for that!!

July favourites - Moscow state circus

After attending the Aberdeen Inspired nights street food market in June, I was glad to hear it was returning in July and had to pop by again for some yummy street food! I took my son this time and we opted for a Margarita wood-fired pizza and a pulled pork roll. Both delicious! We combined this market with our Scavenger style day out activity.

Work activities/events

As some of you will know I organise social activities and events for my work (dates-n-mates). Some of my favourite fun activities I was involved in this month included:

• Hosting dating training – an interesting one, especially for someone who is in no way a dating expert myself! The training runs through how to prepare for a date, calm nerves, conversation starters, boundaries/what is appropriate, what to do if it is not going well. The project is for adults with learning disabilities so many don’t have a wide knowledge or experience of dating so it’s lovely to be able to help prepare them for the dating world. 

Summer BBQ party – celebrating summer with burgers, drinks, dancing and sitting outside… How else would you celebrate summer time? There’s something about summer that means you just have to eat a burger… Am I right?

Lane 7 bowling – pizza, bowling, arcade games and a bar… Pretty awesome I’d say!

July favourites - Lane 7 bowling

Breakneck comedy club – I love a bit of live comedy! If you are local to Aberdeen definitely check out Breakneck comedy (running every Thursday to Sunday) or look out to see if you have any live comedy venues near you…

Other favourite activities

Pitmedden Gardens – Aberdeenshire has some lovely National Trust for Scotland spots to visit and this is no exception. Lovely gardens to explore on a sunny day… It was so beautiful and warm when I went in July.

July favourites - Pitmedden Gardens

Union Square restaurants were offering their summer of delicious discounts this month with a variety of deals on food… I took full advantage of this and went to Giraffe, Frankie & Bennys and Chiquitos using these discounts in July. All three were very good… Duck stir fry in Giraffe, a burger in Frankie & Bennys and enchiladas (and chocolate orange cake) in Chiquitos. 

July favourites - Chiquitos Union Square July favourites - Giraffe Union Square

Cinema – Jurrasic World and Incredibles 2

We have been waiting for the Incredibles 2 to come out for so long now… My son loves the first film , it’s one of his favourites so we were looking forward to seeing what number two would be like. It did not disappoint – good family fun movie!

Innoflate – when a new indoor inflatable park for all the family opens, this is going to be something we need to check out… You can read all about our experience here.

Codonas – theme park, arcade, play area and fun. This is certainly a go-to family activity in Aberdeen in the holidays.

Outside of Aberdeen

Broughty Ferry – one of the first things we did in the school holidays was take a trip to Broughty Ferry, Dundee

Broughty Ferry Gala

We did some of the window spotting competition which is something I used to do when I was little with my family and is now something which I like to take my own son to. I love things that like that, which can be carried on from generation to generation. The window spotting competition is where local shops place something in their window that wouldn’t normally be there (something they do not sell) and families need to find the item for each of the shops taking part. This may be items such as a Lego figure, a paper clip or a penny… As you can probably presume some of the items can take a while to find but it is fun searching for them in the windows. This competition runs during gala week at the start of July every year.

Also in Broughty Ferry we went to the park, spotted some of the Maggies Penguin statues and sat at the beach having an ice cream. It was a lovely day – one of my favourites this month for sure!

July favourites - Broughty Ferry penguin statueBroughty Ferry Maggies penguin statue

What did you get up to this july?

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