Acts of Kindness: The A-Z list

It is so important to be kind to one another… The world can always do with a little more of this, especially when we are surrounded by negative news stories so often nowadays!

“How beautiful a day can be, when kindness touches it.” – George Elliston

Let’s focus on all things good and kind and making someone else smile…

Here is my complete A-Z list of acts of kindness ideas for you to try today… 

A – Appreciate the people in your life 

Tell the people you love how much you appreciate everything they do for you.

B – Babysit 
Offer to babysit for your friend/family member even just for half an hour to let them have a little rest.

C – Compliment

Give someone a genuine compliment

Compliment someone - you are amazing

D – Donate to charity 

This can be donating money directly to your chosen charity or have a clear out and donate items to your local charity shop

E – Elderly assistance 

If you see an elderly man or women needing a hand… Help them where possible.

F – Food bank donation 

Donate some items to your local food bank and help a family in need have a good meal

G – Gift giving

Give someone a meaningful gift for their birthday… or just because!

H – Help with the housework

Offer to help your parents, partner, flatmate (or someone in need) to do some of the housework 

I – Including others

Being excluded is not a nice feeling – why not see if there is someone new you can include in your plans

J – Jokes to make someone smile/laugh

Laughter is the best medicine after all!

K – Knowledge sharing

Do you have a particular skill or talent that you can share… Why not try teaching someone something new?

L – Litter picking

Pick up your rubbish…

M – Make a homemade Meal

Cook or bake something lovely for your partner, friend, Mum, colleague or whoever could do with a little treat.

N – Nature protecting

Plant a tree, do some recycling… Look after the natural world around us.

O – Open the door for someone 

A simple yet effective act of kindness… Hold the door open for someone

P – Pay for the coffee of the person behind you in the queue

Surprise someone by paying for their drink

Q – Questions

Ask someone: How are you feeling? / Are you ok? / Can I help? – And follow up on their response appropriately

R – Rocks painted with inspirational/kind messages

Paint a message on a rock – you can then leave the rock somewhere for someone else to find. You can find lots of examples of this online but why not start off by checking out Aberdeen rocks. Here is one I did…”Be happy”

Be happy rock painting
S – Support/share someone else’s blog 

If someone you know is a blogger – read their blog & support them. Trust me as a blogger, it means a lot when your friends and family actually support what you write! Even if it’s not someone you know… Try finding a new blog to support.

T – Thank someone

Always say thank you when it’s deserved

U – Use your smile

Sometimes it can be as simple as someone smiling at you to lighten your mood… Use your smile to cheer people up today.

V – Volunteer

Volunteer your time for a good cause – there are so many volunteering opportunities out there

W – Write a meaningful letter/note

In today’s digital world, a handwritten letter is a lovely sentiment… Especially when it’s filled with heartfelt words to someone you care about.

X – Xmas 

Christmas is an amazing time to carry out an act of kindness – why not start looking in to if there is a gift donating service for a local children’s charity or a volunteering opportunity this Christmas that you can look forward to.

Y – (treat) Yourself

So, I’ve said this is about making others smile but it is also important to look after yourself too. You can’t help anybody else if you are not well looked after yourself… Relax, run yourself a bath and importantly… if you need help, ask for it.

Z – Zipline (or do something else) to fundraise for charity!

Okay I will admit I couldn’t think of anything for Z so Zipline it is! Do something adventurous and get your friends and family to sponsor you for a charity of your choice.


I’d love to hear about your latest act of kindness – share with me in the comments below ๐Ÿ’•

Acts of kindness - make someone smile

13 thoughts on “Acts of Kindness: The A-Z list”

  1. I love this! It’s so easy to do a few small acts of kindness every day, and it brightens your day as well as theirs. Food bank donation is my personal favourite way to do something small.

    Cordelia ||

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  2. What a fun way to remind us of all the ways we can show kindness! I personally love Z because the idea is still to think beyond yourself for a charity or some fun adventure with friends/family that maybe you do not normally do or have done before. Great list, i also shared on my page as we have been talking about family and loving them well!

    Liked by 1 person

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