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Review: Innoflate, inflatable park

On my last day off work, my son and I went to try out the new indoor inflatable park in Aberdeen which we had heard good things about. Here is our review of Innoflate.

Venue details

Innoflate is “Scotland’s first indoor inflatable theme park for all the family”

Located at the Aberdeen beach front beside the popular Codonas it’s an ideal location for family fun. There is an accessible entrance which leads to the café and arcade games alongside the reception for the inflatable fun.


£9.95 per person for 1 hour bouncing (price for anyone over age 4)

£2.00 per person for socks (you can bring them back for your next visit, so this should only be a one-off cost)

Open time slots start every half an hour – you get a coloured wristband to differentiate between time slots – two colours participating at any given time.

Innoflate inflatable park Aberdeen Scotland


Upon arrival, we excitedly approached the reception desk and were told we needed to go to the ‘waiver station’ opposite the reception to complete the waiver form on an ipad as we hadn’t booked in advance. The ipad was being very slow so this took much longer than anticipated. This didn’t give us a positive start to the activity – it was a little annoying to be honest.

We then went back to the reception to book and pay for the next session… we had just missed the start of one (thanks to the waiver form – next time I am definitely booking in advance online!) We were given our bright green socks and told to come back to the reception area just before our time slot for the safety briefing.

Behind the reception there are some lockers you can lock your items away in while you bounce (free of charge).

While waiting we noticed that there were no toilets around the reception area (there was a sign saying that this was in process of being added to the venue and toilets for now were upstairs and through the bar.) It was a pretty long walk to get to these toilets so make sure you go to the toilet in plenty of time before your session starts! This is quite a hassle and I’m not sure if there was any lift access (I didn’t see any, so as far as I could see there were no accessible toilets – hopefully the new ground floor toilets will be ready for use soon).

Safety Briefing

A member of staff explained safety rules before our session, such as be careful of smaller bouncers, cross arms when going down slides, don’t wear jewellery/studs etc. This was a short and clear brief with fairly standard ‘rules’. There are also safety signs up around the venue.

Innoflate inflatable park Aberdeen

Bouncing time!

The bouncing/inflatable area is larger than it first looks and has a few different elements to it from slides (including a helter-skelter style one), climbing wall, obstacle courses and more. It was exciting – we didn’t know where to begin!

I noticed several staff members on the inflatable keeping an eye on safety and they seemed rather on the ball with this which is good. Sometimes in places like this staff seem a little uninterested but I don’t think this was the case here.

We had so much fun jumping, bouncing, crawling and climbing our way through obstacles and sliding down the slides. I did feel like a child again – some of the other adults I saw on the inflatables weren’t really joining in (more supervising) this was not my style at all – I was fully immersed in the fun while my son giggled at my inelegant attempts at getting through the obstacles! The obstacle courses were our favourite activity.

Although it was super fun, it was absolutely exhausting… and so so so hot!! I don’t remember the last time I sweated that much!! (Apologies too much information) Many people were red faced and sweaty – me most definitely included! After around half an hour we were so thirsty and needed a little break to be honest! Clearly not cut out for all this bouncing and heat! We popped out to get money out of my bag (from the lockers and were kindly able to put my bag back in the locker again no problem) and headed to the café to buy 2 cold slushy drinks. The blue raspberry flavour was very nice – it cost us £6.40 for two large slushy drinks which when you need a drink that badly I didn’t mind. I sat out (in the café) trying to cool down after this while my son popped back in and out of the inflatable area for the remaining half an hour. Half the time was enough for me – although I jumped around and enjoyed it like a child at first, I clearly don’t have the energy of a child anymore to be able to last a full hour! The slightly chubby 28-year-old me was perhaps slightly overestimating my energy levels!

I think it would be an amazing idea to have a water cooler/fountains available just outside the inflatable area as it gets so hot especially if you are jumping around a lot. Being able to pop out for a quick drink of water and then head back in would be ideal. It’s great that you can freely come and go during your allotted time, if you need to pop to the café but if everyone in your family/group are participating then it’s a hassle during your session.

Aberdeen beach slushy drink

Overall Opinion

This is a fun new family friendly activity in Aberdeen which I would happily go to again – perhaps remind myself to book in advance, wear cooler clothing and stay hydrated though. I can see room for improvements but overall it was really enjoyable and definitely worth a visit if you are in Aberdeen (with or without kids!). I also saw on their website that they will be doing autism friendly sessions in the future which I think is great.

My 9 year old son’s rating: 

9 out of 10 – very fun, especially the obstacles!

He did also say he would prefer if there wasn’t older kids in his way though!

Innoflate inflatable park Aberdeen

9 thoughts on “Review: Innoflate, inflatable park”

  1. I saw an introduction video about this on Facebook and wondered what it would be like because my two nieces are coming to visit this summer. Great review, and I think you’re right about the water fountains!

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  2. Aside from the technical issues with the iPad and the toilet access sounds like a great day out. I’m going to an adult version of this in London next month and I can’t wait to feel like a kid again


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