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Fun activities list – scavenger hunt style

Do you ever want to do something a little different with your day?

Today, my son and I planned to go to two local food markets however we also wanted to add something different to our day. We created a 12-item ‘scavenger hunt’ style activity list. We love creating activities like this (some more are featured in the summer family fun activities post).

Activity Hunt – 14th July 2018

Family fun activity scavenger list

1. Try some ‘Street Food’

The Aberdeen Inspired Food Market was on today so we wanted to stop by for a street food lunch in the sun. I opted for a pulled pork roll and my son had the margarita pizza – yum! This activity item is a specific one which should only be included on your list if you know there’s local street food nearby – we added this item today as we knew we wanted to go to the event. When creating your own list think of some specific events or locations you might go to.

Aberdeen Inspired food market Aberdeen Inspired food market
2. Shop local (food market)

It’s always great to support local small business. The Thistle Street Food market was held today which we quite often go to… On this occasion we bought fresh bread and pies/quiche. Can you support a local business with your activities?

Thistle street food market Aberdeen

3. Find and get photo with a piece of street art 

Aberdeen has been great for local street art lately. Beside the street food market there is a wide range of art on the walls so we stopped and captured a couple that we liked. Also at the market, some local artists were there including one who was drawing quick doodles of people stopping by the stall. My son got a little doodle of himself which he loves – (see item 7) how cute!

Aberdeen street artAberdeen street art

4. Find a number ‘4’

Searching round the streets for a number 4 and we found this one!

Aberdeen exploring
5. Find a letter ‘A’

Snap a photo with your chosen letter when you find it – in our case it was this ‘A’ within a “SALE” sign in a local shop window.

Aberdeen exploring

6. Find something with a sunshine on it

It took us longer than we thought to find a sunshine – in the end we went with this tiny half sun picture on a new toy we bought (a jumbo badminton set which we later played with out in the sun to end our fun day out).

Aberdeen exploring

7. Find 3 new things we like

Our 3 new things that we liked today were: the drawing of my son from the market, a toy rifle gun from the pound shop that he likes playing with and mini canvas’s for my son who is a little artist in the making (again from the pound shop – who doesn’t love a bargain!)

Street food and art market Aberdeen
8. Buy something in a charity shop 

It’s great to support charities and sometimes your local charity shop will have some fantastic finds at a good price so always worth checking out. We purchased items from Homestart and Shelter during this day out.

Charity shop finds

9. Act of kindness

This one is frequently added to our activity lists as I think it’s important to encourage kindness and good deeds. My son was on kindness alert all day and he wanted his act of kindness for the list to be when he kindly put all the rubbish in the bin after we ate at the market to keep the area clean and one less task for me too.

Kindness and happiness
10. Spend time enjoying being outside

We sat outside at the food market, wandered around and then played with our new badminton set outside too so plenty of this today. Getting outside in the summer is always a great idea – it’s included in my 10 ways to have a happy summer post.


11. Take a nice photo together

Creating photo memories… It’s an odd one but here it is…

Summer mum and son selfie
12. Learn one new thing

We popped in to Waterstones and had a nosey at some of the books. My son came across some new facts in the Space book he was reading… Always good to keep learning.

Waterstones reading

Activities lists like this can be accessible and inclusive for all as you can create them to suit your family/groups needs. Why not try creating your own list of activities and let me know how you get on… I’d love to hear all about your adventures and finds.

17 thoughts on “Fun activities list – scavenger hunt style”

  1. Very cool! What a neat idea & very creative! I could definitely write my own list and do something similar with my kiddo. Thanks for this great post. Looks like you both had fun.

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  2. This is such a lovely thing to do! Sometimes, when I was a kid, I would find it boring going along with my mum while she was running her errands – I think this is a great way to keep your child entertained, in particular if you are just running errands. It sounds like you had such a lovely day spending time together and going on this little scavenger hunt!

    Beka |

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh definitely… kids need that something different to keep them busy while parents do something or even if it’s them doing a β€˜boring’ task… I’ve created a little challenge for my son on items to find (and put away) in his room to make him tidy haha worked like a charm! πŸ˜‚

      Liked by 1 person

  3. These are such good ideas, thanks for sharing them! Your trips out sound very fun. I’ll pass this on to my cousin who’s in need of ways to keep his daughter entertained and interested when they’re out and about. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This is such a neat idea! I know my 8 year old would LOVE to do this on a weekend. Totally going to try and will share our experience with you!

    Liked by 1 person

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