10 ways to have a happy summer

Summer has so much potential to be the happiest season – sunshine, holidays, BBQ’s and much more! You can surround yourself with all the best friends, family, food and fun!

Here are my top 10 suggestions to ensure you have the happiest summer you can.

1. Don’t compare yourself to others

For example, someone else might be going on a longer or further away holiday than you.. perhaps you can’t afford a holiday at all this year – that is absolutely fine! Travelling can be an amazing summer activity but it’s not essential and we are all different and need to do whatever works for us. Also, don’t feel guilty if you have less time off work with your kids this summer than one of the other school Mums. Focus on enjoying your summer, instead of bothering with what other people are doing. This also includes comparing yourself too – summer is often the time people stress about the way they look the most but we don’t all need to be a tiny size 0 in a bikini just because the sun has come out! Be you and love it!

2. Get outside & get some fresh air

Get your dose of vitamin D in the sun (while it lasts) – visit a beach or the park, have a picnic or BBQ outside, go for a run or climb a mountain, fruit picking or whatever takes your fancy – just get out there! You will have fun and feel much better for it.

10 ways to have a happy summer

3. Try something new

The summer can be a great time to try a new activity – this could be trying a new sport, try something new to eat, go to an event where you don’t know many people, travel solo. Getting out of your comfort zone a little bit and achieving something new is great for the soul!

4. Do a good deed

This summer help someone else and make them smile. Making other people happy is one of the best feelings in the world. Everyone tends to seem a little happier in good weather however there will still be people in need and people feeling down. You could volunteer, do a random act of kindness, reach out to a friend/family member who may need some support. Also while I am on the topic of thinking of others – don’t judge people – being less judgemental will make the world a happier place and yourself!

10 ways to have a happy summer - make someone smile
5. Gratitude and focus on the positives

Summer is half way through the year so why not stop and create a list of things you have achieved this year so far, things you are grateful for. Focus on all the positives – don’t get hung up on the things you haven’t achieved yet (maybe you didn’t lose that weight in time for summer or get a new exciting job but there will be things to be thankful and happy for… focus on these). You can also make goals for the 2nd half of the year.

6. Look after yourself

Wear Suncream!! No one wants their summer fun ruined by nasty sun burn! Look after yourself this summer – sun cream and protect your skin from sun exposure, stay hydrated and just be kind to yourself. Get plenty of sleep – I know summer can be fun and you try to cram in as much fun in the sun as you can but remember not to let yourself completely burn out and catch up on some sleep along the way.

10 ways to have a happy summer - sun lotion

7. Explore and appreciate your local area

Discover something new about the city you live in and attend local events. You don’t need to leave the country and fly around the world to have fun – although this is a fantastic way to spend your summer. There is often so much to do local to you as well and everything looks a little different (better) in the sunlight so go out and explore!

8. Mix of planning ahead and spontaneity

It is great to make a plan of some activities you would like to do this summer so you don’t miss out on any exciting events etc but make sure to leave some days free for a bit of spontaneous fun! It’s good to be balanced with this to make the most of your time off work or just those lighter evenings. Also plan little fun activities each week so you are not just putting all your summer fun in to a one or two week holiday and then the post-holiday blues knock you down after – have more to look forward to throughout the whole season. Make time to see all the great people in your life.

10 ways to have a happy summer - planning

9. Step away from the technology

Unless you want to stop by again and read more of my blog posts of course 💕

Having short breaks from technology/gaming/social media etc can help in not comparing yourself with others so much and it’s so lovely and sunny outside – get out there in the real world instead of stuck inside looking at artificial lighting! Go back to simplicity – especially if you have kids – have a water fight, watch the sunrise, go to a play park etc.

10. Be present in the moment

You can do this by lapping up every second of fun on holiday and not worrying about issues back at work. But it also applies to being present in the moment on those days you are at work – don’t get yourself in a bad mood wishing you were on holiday – that does no one any good. Appreciate all the good little moments everywhere you go this summer.

10 ways to have a happy summer

I hope everyone has the happiest summer. Family fun summer activity ideas here.

Let me know in the comments what you plan to do this summer to ensure it’s a happy one… 💕

Summer sociable events - 10 ways to have a happy summer


16 thoughts on “10 ways to have a happy summer”

  1. WHAT AN AMAZING POST! I’ve never thought of summer in this way. These are all excellent tips on which I will be executing. I think what I need to work on the most is being less judgemental of people. It comes so naturally for me. But it can be hurtful ad is so counterproductive. I usually end up feeling like sh*t afterwards, too. Thanks for sharing such a fabulous post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thank you so much for your comment 💕
      I hope you can have the happiest summer! Yeah I always find that focusing on what you yourself are doing instead of comparing to others or judging others just makes for a happier life in general… focus on being happy yourself and the rest will follow 😀


  2. This is a great post. I especially relate to the part about comparing ourselves to others. It one thing that rarely has a good outcome. Thanks for reminding us about the significant things we can do to make summer amazing.
    Joan Senio

    Liked by 1 person

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