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Summer Family Fun Activity Ideas

The school summer holidays are coming up… Do you need some inspiration for family fun activities?
In this post I will share an activity my son and I enjoy doing including 6 ideas and tips so you can try yourself.

I love creating fun activities for us to do (the event planner in me never rests!) and quite often make scavenger hunts, treasure hunts, exploring missions and good deeds lists for my son and I to do while out and about. My son loves them saying that: “They are FUN… I like when we go outside and hunt for things and look around new places. I also really like the good deed ones because I like to be nice to people.”

These little homemade scavenger hunts and challenges are free to create… You don’t need to spend lots of money to have some family fun!

These activity lists encourage you and your children to get out and about exploring your local area whether that be the beach, parks, museums etc… it can add that extra special bit of fun to your day out… You can even create ones to do at home for those days the weather is not your friend!
One of the hunts we did in the Easter Holidays combined things to find, exploring, things to do and good deeds within 2 locations on our day out. You can see this list below:

Homemade scavenger hunt

This particular one included finding objects at the Zoology Museum encouraging in-depth exploring of each section of the museum… one thing to ‘find’ was a new fact about an animal… Therefore adding an element of educational fun too. It is just more fun when kids have a little challenge to complete… Such as finding a skeleton (see below image!)

Aberdeen Zoology Museum

We then moved on to Hazlehead Park looking for animals in the pets corner and finding somewhere cool to sit like on this lumpy tree my son liked!

Hazlehead Park Aberdeen

It sometimes is such simple things but they bring a lot of joy to a family day out. On this list we also included 5 good deeds.. This is something we have done a few times in a variety of ways and it is something I think is hugely important to include in bringing up children. If we establish kindness values in to all of our children’s characters early on then maybe it will be a more peaceful world in the future… A girl can dream!

This is just one example of our family fun scavenger hunts & activity lists we have created and completed. The hunts, lists and challenges can be suitable for ALL children & families as you can personalise them to suit your child’s needs & hobbies. There are so many different avenues you can take with this so I have listed 6 ideas below (with the average summer holidays being  6 weeks here is an idea for each week!)

1. Nature trail hunt

Head over to your nearest outdoor space – woodland areas work well for this one. Search for items such as a pink flower, an insect with wings or a pine cone. Activities along the way could include jumping over a tree’s roots, drawing your favourite leaf or collecting a rock which you could paint later!

2. Superhero challenges

This can be done outdoors or at home. Give your child a few clues (the clues will vary depending on the age and capabilities of the children playing of course) and also ‘superhero’ challenges which will allow them to act out being the hero and if they complete will lead to a prize. For example: hide a toy figure which your child must ‘rescue’, create an obstacle course they must get through or give them a nerf gun and some targets to ‘fight’ the bad guys.

3. Scavenger hunt in your hometown

Similar to the example given in this post that myself and my son did. Pick a few attractions or places of interest in your hometown and encourage your family to see things in a new way. Find 5 particular objects, spot 5 things in a certain colour, find something unique you have not noticed about that particular place before… Be a tourist in your own town. Even better if you can take fun photos of the things you find –  pop them in to a summer scrapbook later!

4. Acts of Kindness & good deeds list

This is one to get your family thinking of others and discovering that helping other people can be fun. Some acts which you could feature on this list are – donate an unwanted toy to a local charity shop, draw a picture or write a letter to someone you care about, write a kind message on the pavement in chalk to make someone smile when they see it, play with another child in the play park etc. Talk to your children at the end of the day about how helping others made them feel and thank them for their kindness.

Make someone smile quote
5. Favourite character mission

Go for a walk and if you have a creative child then you can let them lead this one themselves. They can create a character or pretend to be a character from their favourite game or film and escape to that particular world. This could be a minecraft world or Arrendale (Frozen Fans!) that you can pretend to be travelling in… Suddenly that church you walk past becomes Queen Elsa’s ice palace and those pile of rocks become blocks you need to collect to build your minecraft house.

This is something imaginative kids would sometimes do on their own anyway but it’s great if you get the whole family involved in one adventure. If you have more than 1 child… take it in turns for each child creating a ‘world’ for you all to explore.

6. Tidy your room treasure hunt

Now this one might be more favoured by the Mums and Dads but if done right the kids will enjoy very much too! You’ve almost reached the end of the holidays, you have had a lot of fun and juggled work and entertaining kids and everything but the chores have fallen to the side… it happens to the best of us! Get the kids involved in tidying their room but make it fun! Make it a treasure hunt style activity… For example: How many toys can they ‘find’ on the floor to be picked up… Points for each one but they only count if they are neatly put away after being found! Points can be used after to ‘buy’ extra TV time or a treat or something matched to your child’s needs and likes.

If you try any of the above ideas or your own creations, let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear about them.

14 thoughts on “Summer Family Fun Activity Ideas”

  1. Lots of good ideas to keep them entertained over Summer. 😊 Summer seemed to last forever when we were kids, now 6 weeks pass really quickly, doesn’t it? The Zoology museum is a place that I’ve never been but have always wanted to go to, might make it this Summer. The Tidy your room treasure hunt is one that I need to do…..for myself 😆

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading, I enjoyed your post about summer ideas too.
      The zoology museum is quite good, it’s fairly small though so it’s always good to team it with another activity in the same day. Haha definitely we all need a little incentive to tidy!


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