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SociABLE Sunday’s Blog Post Series 

As you may have noticed (or read on the homepage), SociABLE Events are very passionate about everyone being ‘able’ to have the opportunity to participate in events and social activities as well as overall being included (and valued) in their community.

Therefore I wanted to introduce a new blog post series which highlights events, venues, groups, organisations or initiatives which:

1. promote social inclusion & accessibility (particularly within social activities)

2. provide inclusive opportunities for everyone OR for a particular ‘disadvantaged/minority’ group – meeting their specific needs

Social inclusion definition

Social inclusion is often explained in different ways by different people – for me, one way to explain my views on it is: accepting, valuing and welcoming everyone… Ensuring that you consider those individuals who may have extra needs that you will need to meet to allow them to participate and have equal opportunities.

It is heavily shown in various reports that people who are socially excluded feel lower self-esteem… We are social beings and even if some of us find it harder to socialise and integrate with other people & mainstream society… it doesn’t stop that need and desire to feel included and accepted.

There are many groups or events etc which either ensure everyone is able to access their activities equally or those that have a specific focus on a particular group of individuals. That particular group may be children with autism or adults with disabilities who may need a little extra support or a safe place to be encouraged to interact with others and try new things.

Initially the SociABLE Sunday Series will be every month on the second last Sunday…. starting this Sunday 17th June so I hope to see you back here on Sunday to read the first one!

If anyone knows of a suitable group or event that they think I should feature please do get in touch with me as I would love to hear your suggestions.

I hope that this series of posts will highlight the amazing and positive movement towards everyone being able to take part in their local community, make friends, feel valued and be sociABLE!

Let’s see who has the SociABLE Sunday’s seal of approval!

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