SociABLE Sunday's

SociABLE Sunday’s Blog Post Series 

SociABLE Events are very passionate about everyone being ‘able’ to have the opportunity to participate in events and social activities (should they wish) as well as overall being included (and valued) in their community. This idea is actually where the blog name came from. I am also a keen supporter of various charities. 

Therefore I wanted to introduce a blog post series which highlights stories and examples which:

1. promote social inclusion, equality, accessibility and encourage people to think about, value and accept everyone (particularly in terms of social activities)

2. highlight the struggles that some individuals or groups of people go through when socialising, making friends and being part of their community

3. showcases some fantastic charity projects and initiatives 

Sociable Sunday's blog post series

Social inclusion is often explained in different ways by different people – for me, one way to explain my views on it is: accepting, valuing and welcoming EVERYONE… 

It is heavily shown in various reports that people who are socially excluded feel lower self-esteem… We are social beings and even if some of us find it harder to socialise and integrate with mainstream society… it doesn’t stop that desire to feel included and accepted.

There are many charities or groups which either ensure everyone is able to access their activities equally or have a specific focus on a particular group of individuals. I myself work for such a group and I love being able to create accessible activities.

The SociABLE Sunday Series will be posted regularly on a Sunday morning.

The first two posts highlight social groups/charity projects in Aberdeen which promote social inclusion for adults with learning disabilities as this is the area in which I work outside of my blog. 

Future posts will also feature individual stories regarding social difficulties and overcoming them. This will include socialising with… Anxiety, a disability…etc.

There will also be posts which show how you can support some fantastic charities.

I hope this series of posts will highlight the amazing and positive movement towards everyone being able to take part in their local community, make friends, feel valued and be sociABLE… And raise awareness and understanding of the struggles some still face.

If you have a story you would like to share in this series please do get in touch with me at 💕

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