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Exploring local parks in Aberdeen (Scotland)

As the third biggest city in Scotland in terms of population… You would expect it to be difficult to find somewhere peaceful in Aberdeen to just escape a little. We all need that sometimes don’t we?

However, Aberdeen, as much as I do complain about living here at times, has some lovely places to explore within the City (and Shire). This weekend I got outdoors and explored two of the cities local parks (Seaton Park and Duthie Park) and last weekend I attended an event within Hazlehead Park. You can read all about that event here – Enjoy Music Festival 

There is a pretty good amount of outdoor spaces across the city and some of them can be really peaceful and beautiful. This weekend was not as warm as it has been in previous weeks unfortunately but it was still nice to explore the parks. Duthie Park thankfully has indoor winter gardens filled with lovely flowers and plants including cacti and they even have some little turtles and fish inside too! I would definitely recommend a visit if you are in Aberdeen, no matter the weather!

Exploring Seaton Park Aberdeen river walk

Seaton Park

This park features a children’s play park area with a climb aboard train made from old railway wagons first installed in the park over 40 years ago (however this has recently been upgraded). Seaton park also features open green spaces where people regularly play sports or enjoy the sunshine when we get it!
The River Don passes the outskirts of the park where you can walk along the river. This walking trail will take you over to the Brig O Balgownie too. I must admit this is one of my favourite places to go for a peaceful little wander on a warm dry day! This last weekend the river walk was quiet in terms of other people there so you could hear the birds tweeting in the sky and the water flowing by… it was lovely! I was with my son and he wanted to play a little game so we were pretending to be explorers doing little challenges along the way so that was interesting – he has such an active and unique imagination, I love it!

Seaton Park Aberdeen riverside walk (Scotland)Seaton Park Aberdeen

Please note this park has no café however does sometimes have an ice cream van pop by! There is a toilet however you are charged 20p to use this facility, so this is something to bare in mind especially when exploring the park with children!
Seaton Park Aberdeen

Seaton Park Aberdeen

Seaton Park Aberdeen

Seaton Park Aberdeen gardens

Duthie Park

I think this is probably the most popular of the large parks in Aberdeen. It features a large open grassy space with a bandstand that is sometimes used at events within the park. As previously mentioned Aberdeen’s Duthie Park also has the lovely indoor winter gardens and more than one children’s play area, a couple of ponds and a café.

Duthie Park Winter Gardens Aberdeen

Duthie Park Winter Gardens Aberdeen - purple flowers

The children’s play areas have some great features such as a long/tall slide, zip line, wooden playframes and more. They do also have one of those roundabouts which is at ground level which as far as I am aware a child in a wheelchair can use. Fantastic to see! There really needs to be more facilities like this in ALL parks.

This park is certainly fun for a family afternoon out on a sunny day with all the play areas it features. Bring along a good old fashioned frisbee and football etc too and have fun! It is definitely somewhere to add to your list of things to do with children in Aberdeen.

This Sunday I attended Duthie Park with my work which is a social charity project for adults with learning disabilities so I led a group of our members for an outing to the park. As much as the big planned events that I organise for the project are great, the small relaxed activities are just as important for socialising and getting out and about… being included in the local community. You can read more in regards to this within my post: the importance of social activities.

Duthie Park Winter Gardens Aberdeen

Duthie Park Winter Gardens Aberdeen -cactus

Duthie Park Winter Gardens Aberdeen - pond and turtle

This weekend, why not get out and about exploring your local parks and outdoor spaces?! I’ve my fingers crossed for some sunny weather for you!

I’d love to hear about your favourite park local to you? Let us know in the comments.

8 thoughts on “Exploring local parks in Aberdeen (Scotland)”

  1. I moved to Aberdeen last year and have to admit, I love the parks here. I actually live 10 minutes away from Duthie Park and go there regularly, it’s such a lovely place. I have only been to Seaton Park once or twice, but I’m keen to go again. Great post x


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