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2 Event venues with wheelchair access in Aberdeen

Let’s talk about event venues in Aberdeen that are accessible. The charity project I work for ensures all of our events are wheelchair accessible so I have a good idea of suitable venues in Aberdeen! There are of course more than 2 but I wanted to keep it short and simple for now – This will be volume 1 and I will provide information on more venues in other upcoming blog posts.

2 Aberdeen City Hotels with wheelchair accessible function rooms. 

1) Doubletree by Hilton (Aberdeen city centre)

The Doubletree has a couple of function rooms which are fully wheelchair accessible with the largest one (Balmedie Suite) having the space for 120 attendees in a dinner dance set up. I would advise lowering your maximum number of attendees if you expect to have a few wheelchair users as it allows a more comfortable space for everyone and ensures each guest can freely get around the room and all aspects of the event. For example if you are holding a dinner dance and expect 5 people to attend who use a wheelchair – I would recommend your maximum numbers be 100 ideally.

Entry to the hotel itself and from the reception to the Balmedie function room is the really easy for anyone in a wheelchair or with any kind of mobility issues. There are no steps or a long way to go which is great, one less thing for you or your guests to think about! Do consider that the function room itself does not have a bar but you can make use of the bar just outside the room (which is also open to other hotel guests). I do believe there is the possibility to have a waiter service for drinks within the room during dinners though.

The staff I have found to be really nice and helpful too, accommodating any event organiser/attendee needs.

Doubletree by Hilton Aberdeen
Situated at the Beach Boulevard this is a great location for your event or party needs. Please be aware that First Bus number 15 that goes past the venue only runs until 7pm to/from the beach so after-party travel may need to be considered more carefully for this venue. The hotel reception will happily call a taxi for you or your guests.

Doubletree by Hilton Aberdeen

2) Rox Hotel

This hotel is bang in the city centre of Aberdeen, on Market Street so a prime spot for any event or party! I have attended and organised a range of events here from a conference to a dinner dance to afternoon tea in their restaurant.

They do have wheelchair access although this is not immediately obvious as upon entering their main entrance you are greeted with a staircase. However, they have a side entrance for wheelchair users which has a lift that can take you directly to their large ballroom. This can be a little confusing so I would recommend having someone at the entrance to assist event attendees with access. Once you are in to the ballroom though there is plenty of space (again bare in mind lowering maximum capacity to allow suitable space as mentioned earlier in this post). This room can be set up in a variety of ways so capacities will vary depending on your requirements.

Rox hotel Aberdeen xmas event
Rox hotel Aberdeen

The Ballroom can hold a maximum of 170 attendees for a dinner with round tables and includes a stage area for all your entertainment needs. Please be aware that they do not have a ramp to the stage therefore wheelchair users cannot access the stage (unless you plan ahead and can hire a suitable ramp or alternative for this purpose yourself externally). To access the ballroom from the main entrance reception you need to go upstairs (or use lift) where there is a waiting area/foyer and toilets then a few steps down to the main room (with disabled toilet). All toilets, bar and foyer are exclusive for the ballroom attendees which is great as you have a large area to do a lot with. The main female toilets has a fantastic little space with full length mirror and stools which I have previously used as a pamper area pre-event for attendees – which they loved! Bare in mind this particular toilet is not wheelchair accessible – the disabled toilet is in a different area.

Rox hotel Aberdeen Rox hotel Aberdeen
Both of these hotels are good options for holding an event in Aberdeen, along with many others such as Copthorne or Inn at the Park. I will cover more on this topic in due course.

Contact the venue’s events department directly for further details specific to your needs.

Doubletree Hotel: 01224 652054

Rox Hotel: 01224 212224

Or let me do the hard work and find a venue for you – contact me.


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