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Party Planning: Rockstar theme (children’s)

Let’s talk children’s birthday parties… 

As a Mum myself I know your child’s birthday party can be hard work! I wanted to share one of the themed parties I created for my son..

For my sons 8th birthday (2017) he asked for a ‘Rockstar’ themed party and that’s exactly what we did.

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The Venue

We hired out a local community centre (Danestone centre) as it had plenty of space that we could do what we wanted with. The hire costs were reasonable.

The Activities 

We wanted to have a range of activities but also keep it quite flexible, instead of structured games. Therefore we chose to have different areas within the party venue for different activities including the bouncy castle and ride on toys provided by the centre. 

I discussed ideas with my son – after all it was his party – I have seen people ask for ideas for birthday parties etc but I often wonder why not involve the birthday child in creating their own ideas. Of course sometimes their ideas will not always be feasible but with some discussion and a little give and take you can work on something together. It can be a fun family experience in itself before the party… as a single parent and having a close bond with my son we often work out ideas together. If you are looking for fun family ideas to create with your child you can have a look at our summer activity ideas post here.

Kids rockstar party

 Arts and crafts area

Decorate your own guitar cut out… Which of course I handmade myself! I drew around one of the sons toy guitars on giant pieces of card and cut one out for each child. The whole class was invited so this was time consuming… But I enjoy being a little crafty so I didn’t mind. We had pens/pencils, stickers and stamps to decorate them along with paper just to draw on too.

TIP: We found that buying large card in bulk was cheaper online than your typical craft stores so plan/order this in advance

Decorate your own guitar

Dress Up/Become a Rockstar area

The party also had an area to resemble a rock stars dressing room/backstage area where attendees could grab their accessories and instruments to really feel like a rockstar… We had inflatable guitars, kids jewellery, mini microphones, toy musical instruments, fake tattoos, silly glasses, glow sticks and more. The kids enjoyed ‘rocking out’ with their inflatable guitars etc – many kids came dressed like a rockstar anyway to match the theme so they all looked fab!
12 piece inflatable guitars and microphones for your own rockstar party

Rockstar themed children’s birthday party

The Catering

There was a food area with snacks and juice available throughout the party and a particular cake time later. The cake was a shop bought monkey cake (my son loves monkeys and his favourite teddy is a monkey that he’s had since being a baby). I then made a guitar and pick out of icing and added this to the monkey so we had a rockstar monkey cake! You can have a themed cake without too much money or effort/time… You just need a little creativity! Food included standard items such as sandwiches along with bread sticks (drum sticks) and party rings (Cd’s/records).

TIP: Put the food out in installments so everyone gets something and doesn’t over do it all in one go. It’s also better to overestimate how much food you’ll need – better to have more than less!

Rockstar monkey cake

 Special Guest Appearance

We had two members of local kids band Sharky Sharky come to join in the celebrations at the birthday party. Sharky Sharky are a shark themed rock band for kids in Aberdeen. They have their own CD’s and perform at shows locally. One member of the band is someone I know so my son (and me) have enjoyed their music for quite some time and have seen them perform. The two Sharks (in full costume might I add – cool aren’t they?!) arrived at the party interacting with the kids, playing inflatable guitars with them and helping them get in the party and rockstar mood. We had their music playing on cd in the background – although with all the noise of the bouncy castle and the kids, the music was not heard too well across the hall. We did make a special party playlist though!

We had a dance competition for the children to show off their best rockstar dancing and air guitar with one boy and one girl winner chosen by myself and the birthday boy who then were given a little prize. 

Sharky Rock party

 Homemade Extras

Myself and my son are very much into the homemade touches! We made little signs for the different party areas such as ‘party like a rockstar’ or ‘dress and play like a rockstar’… we made the invites and thank you notes ourselves too.

We also packed the party goody bags together – it’s great to have a little family activity of prepping items for the party. It builds excitement for the birthday child and is a fun family activity and bonding time.  Of course some surprise elements for the birthday child is great too – for example the cake. In the party bags we added a little trophy sticking on a homemade ‘Rockstar ⭐️’ label, a musical item I.e mini recorder, sweets, fake tattoos.
Party bag filler – Golden Trophy (x6)
The children could also take home their guitars they had decorated if they wanted. 

Rockstar party extras

The Feedback

It was a great party – the birthday boy and his friends had fun. I was exhausted after – children just have SO much noisy energy, especially when you allow them to be a rockstar for the day! But it was worth it as he had a great time and I think he will really remember this party. 

I asked my son (the birthday boy) for his thoughts when writing this and he said:

“I liked that there was something for everyone… Props, drawing, bouncy castle. My favourite bit was being able to play with my friends while drawing etc too and my fun Sharky visitors! I wanted the rockstar themed party because I like music and guitars. I think other people should have this type of party too.”

 Rockstar party

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