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Review: Soupz lunch venue

Do you ever find yourself unable to switch off from what you do for a living? 

I know I certainly do… I can barely go to an event or social venue without analysing it – 

‘hmm that’s an interesting way of doing things, I might try that’ … to… ‘I definitely would have done that differently (*cough*… better…) if it was my event’

I also find myself reviewing venues for suitability and accessibility for work events (for adults with disabilities).

This even happens when I pop out for a simple lunch… ‘is there wheelchair access’… ‘I wonder if we could go here with work members’… ‘Are the prices suitable, are the staff friendly, is the food good, and is there enough seating for a group of us to attend during a social outing…?’

So, when I recently popped in to Soupz, Scotlands first soup restaurant, on Aberdeens Union Street I did exactly that…

No steps to enter the restaurant… so far wheelchair accessible I thought, along with already thinking about what soups they would have on offer of course. With 10 different flavours to choose from each day, how would I pick?

I was greeted straight away by the polite member of staff behind the counter who pointed out the menu showing which soups were available that day and suggesting the sandwich and soup deal. Regular soup and regular sandwich for £5.95 which is the deal I went with choosing Carrot and Orange soup and Chicken and pepper sandwich.

Other soups on offer that day included: Pea and ham, all day breakfast, chorizo and chickpea…

They have a good size of seating area – it is bigger than you would first think from the outside – good for a small group to come together I thought! I also passed by a disabled toilet sign on my way to my seat, again alerting me to ‘ahh this may be suitable and accessible for work activities’.

The soup and sandwich were both really fresh and tasted lovely (and were rather filling). It is good value for money this deal. If I am going to be really fussy, I must say I am not a fan of seeds on my bread and there was no options offered on this but that’s just personal preference!

All packaging used at Soupz is eco-friendly and bio-degradable and I noticed upon reading their leaflet on the table that all unsold food is donated to local homeless charities. This sounds like they are a company with fantastic values which along with the accessible venue and delicious food, makes me think this is somewhere I would like to come to again personally AND it’s a definite maybe for upcoming lunch venues should any activities for work require this.

I was sat pretty much opposite the disabled toilets which I noticed were through the same door as the ladies toilets. The door looked rather narrow and without an automatic opening I could imagine it may be a little tricky for some of the larger wheelchairs to access too easily. As I say I was not here with wheelchair users for work, on this occasion I was attending myself so I can’t be sure on this however a little observation based on previous understanding of the wheelchair users I know. Therefore it may be worth considering evaluating this based on your own needs (or those of someone you are with) upon arrival.

I popped in to the ladies toilets myself on my way out and noticed there was no mirror in the one I went in… as a rather messy person not being able to check I didn’t have spilled soup on me was concerning ha-ha, so bare this in mind if you are as messy as I am!

Overall it is a really nice place for lunch in Aberdeen city centre and I will definitely be back to try some of the different soups they have. I left thinking this would be a good option if we need to stop for lunch during one of the social events for adults with learning (and some physical) disabilities that I lead at work. This is a suitable venue for a wide range of people in Aberdeen (vegetarian, vegan and low calorie options available too) so if you like soup go check it out! 


*all views are my own and this is not an ad




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