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So why is ‘ABLE‘ in capital letters you may ask? Well… I am a firm believer in that everyone should be ‘able’ to socialise, be part of their community, have friends, experience new fun activites, enjoy life and everything else events can offer. This is why I created this website as I want to share this belief along with ideas and reviews on fun inclusive activities and events for all.


The sociable events blog features posts relating to:

  • Local event and venue reviews
  • Social Inclusion and accessibility within events & the community
  • Events/social activities and things to do for EVERYONE
  • Tips on family fun activities
  • Charity & community events and initiatives
  • Bringing people together for positive reasons… spreading happiness
  • Event management tips and information
  • A little bit of general lifestyle topics
  • And more…

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  • Events & party planning
  • Specialising in accessible and inclusive fun activities
  • Blog collaborations and reviews

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